Friday, August 20, 2010

A Surprise Addition to Featured Friday - Greyhound Threads' First Treasury Feature!

Exciting news to share!  Greyhound Threads has been featured on an Etsy treasury by a lovely lady over at Look On My Treasures!  The chosen item from our shop is the Boutique Greyhound Silhouette in Sunshine Yellow which is a perfect fit for the treasury theme "Walking on Sunshine".  Mixed in among other sunshine yellows, oranges, and umbers, it's a fantastic nod to the summer sun as we head toward Autumn.  Here is the treasury- the silhouette is tucked nicely into the middle of the top row!

To be honest, I'm having a hard time keeping from running around the house high-fiving myself!  Sure, it seems like such a simple thing, but to this craft-ster with a passion for greyhounds, it means so much more!  It's a little bud of hope, excitement, inspiration, encouragement, and recognition for the work that's been done in the shop so far, and it has my mind racing toward the new possibilities.  Who knew that such a simple little nod could turn into such a big inspiration?  So this post is a big shout-out to Look On My Treasures...thank you for so innocently encouraging a renewed flash of enthusiasm in this greyhound shop!

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