Friday, August 20, 2010

Featured Friday - Elle J. Wilson of Almost an Angel

Every Friday, I would like to show appreciation for my fellow artists and crafters by showcasing them here in a segment I'm calling "Feature Friday".  I hope these posts will not only raise awareness for these amazingly skillful artists, but also illustrate the vast variety of greyhound-inspired work available!  And now, with no further ado, I would like to announce our very first featured artist- Elle J. Wilson from Almost an Angel.

I was first exposed to the amazing work of Elle J. Wilson through GreytArt, which is a fantastic resource for finding greyhound-themed art featuring a variety of artists.  Elle began painting greyhounds in 2005, when she received her first commission, and was inspired and enchanted by their mystique.  She captures them in watercolor/ink pen, oil, or acrylic, and each one has a magical quality to it!  Elle has a fantastic talent for capturing the expressiveness of the greyhound face- soulful, timid, haughty, adoring...the list goes on!  If you purchase a print, it is hand-signed, titled and numbered by Elle, personally, and comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

I own a watercolor/pen ink print entitled "A Little Attentive" which has become a cherished addition to our art collection.  The print seems to be no longer available- I can't even find more than a thumbnail image of it, but Elle has an extensive variety of greyhound (and other breed/animals) work to choose from.  It also makes the print we have feel even more special knowing that it is a limited edition!

Here is a thumbnail of the print we purchased through GreytArt:

Another example of a Watercolor/Ink Pen print - "In the Doldrums" by Elle J. Wilson

An example of her Oil painting titled "The Simple Life" by Elle J. Wilson

 There are a few ways to purchase some of Elle's greyt work to call your own:
  1. Through her Etsy shop - prints and cards of Elle's work are available
  2. Through her website - you can purchase prints of her artwork, or you can commission your own custom piece!
  3. Through GreytArt - a site that "strives to provide high quality art work that promotes Greyhounds as loving pets and great athletes."  They also support rescue and adoption efforts by contributing a portion of all proceeds to organizations that promote greyhound rescue and adoption efforts.
I have already scoped out my next purchase from the amazing selection available- it's going to be "A Little Tired"available on Elle's Etsy shop.

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