Friday, August 27, 2010

Feature Friday - Sarah Regan Snavely of Sarah Regan Snavely Studios

For this Feature Friday, it's hard to know where to begin!  It's the main reason Sarah Regan Snavely of the Studio by the same name was not the very first Feature Friday post- her work is so immensly amazing that it can be intimidating to find the words to describe her work!

I first found Sarah's work by searching for greyhound artwork on the interwebs shortly after getting Ana in October of '06.  At the time, there really wasn't much available (and there still isn't a great deal now) in the way of Sighthound work.  Once I found her site, I was entranced by not only Sarah's portfolio of work, but also by her study of the greyhound!  What sets her apart from other artists who feature greyhounds in their work is that Sarah is the proud owner of a pack of greyhounds, herself, so she has had ample opportunity to study their lithe, elegant, muscular bodies and use them as models for her work.  She lives in the Southwestern corner of North Dakota and has a studio there where she works mostly in clay making sculptures and tiles, and occasionally working in sterling silver for jewelry.

Here are a variety of small sculptures made by Sarah and featured on her homepage- you can see the amazing detail and how she captures every expression and pose of the greyhound so flawlessly!

She creates memory boxes like this one pictured below as well...having not yet experienced the pain of losing one of my greys, I hope it is a very long time before I have to think about purchasing one for my own, but they are still beautiful works of art I can enjoy now!

And here are some of the types of tiles that she creates- so beautiful!  She has been able to capture expression and motion even in the tiles!

Sarah is also a fellow Etsy seller- you can find her shop here, but she's currently away for an event.  You can, however, click a button on her shop to be emailed when she returns.  Her items move fast, so if you are looking for a particular item, you may need to stalk her shop for a while (or convo to see if she'll do a custom piece).

You can stay in the know by joining her Facebook page- she posts lots of photos of pieces she's currently working on, and you can also shop her Etsy page from there.  Enjoy!

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  1. I love her work too! I would love to have that tile table for sure!!!