Saturday, August 21, 2010

Over the Moo-n for Mini-Moos!

Perhaps this story is best begun at the very beginning- when Greyhound Threads was just a twinkle in my eye, and I was just a fashion-conscious greyhound adopter.  My husband and I adopted our first retired racer in October of 2006.  Ana sprinted into our lives at full speed- she is a very discerning girl who knows exactly what she likes, what she doesn't and when she wants it, and we were (and still are) eager to please.  We purchased a coat through our adoption group, Virginia Greyhound Adoption (VAGA), that was just lovely, but because it was made out of windbreaker material, we knew Ana really needed something thicker to keep her warm during those cold winter months that were soon to come.  I've always been a crafty person and have never shied away from the challenge of figuring out how something is made.  Using the coat we purchased as a basic template to get some of the measurements down, I created my own pattern for Ana's first greyhound coat!  I made a double-fleeced coat with blue & pink plaid on once side and a solid pink on the inside, and it kept her so warm through that winter!

Here is what that coat looked like on Ana- it was (and still is) a great romping around the yard coat:
Of course, I couldn't stop there for my fashionista greyhound, and I created many, many more coats for her (and her brother).  From play coats in double-fleece to more fashion coats in black and white toille and red accents, I just couldn't stop the creative juices from flowing.

Flash forward a few years and many answers to "where did you purchase that coat?!" later, and Greyhound Threads was born!  There were so many "grass roots" people who were interested in the coats I was making for my two greyhounds, that I felt that I should do something to make them available to everyone.  Enter Etsy, which is just an amazing hand-made marketplace, and everything I needed was right at my fingertips...except I still needed a way to respond to that same old question of "where did you purchase that coat?!".  Now, at least, I could point them in the direction of the Etsy shop, but I still felt that I had missed such an opportunity to hand them a card or something that would help them remember.  And, as the Etsy shop became more visible to Greyhound and other Sighthound adoption and advocacy groups, requests started pouring in for donations for their silent auctions and other events.  Always happy to help, but also wanting some way of communicating with everyone at the event, I needed to find a solution and quickly.

I debated for a while about exactly what I wanted that something to be- something I made? something pre-fab that I just needed to print?  Then, Moo had the answer- mini-moo business cards!  The shape is unique, I could customize the images and overall design on both the front and the back, and they, very importantly, were affordable (only $19.99 for 100)!  Here at Greyhound Threads, we like to save money wherever we can, because that means we can pass the savings on to you, our customers and readers!

For the 100 cards, you can even choose up to 100 different images!  I decided to go with three of my favorite photos of Blue and Ana- these make up the front of the cards and the back of the card has our shop name, Etsy shop address, and Blog information:
I also wanted a way to carry the cards with me so that they would always be handy- enter the colourful acrylic mini-moo holder- only $4.95!
And so, we really are just "over the moo-n" about our new mini-moo business cards- so much so, that we just had to share the details with you, and we can't wait to start handing them out!

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