Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured Friday - Suegray of Suegray Jewelry on Etsy

One of the things I love most about Etsy is that it is a meeting ground for so many creative minds!  I could (and do!) spend hours at a time perusing the wares of others, marveling at their craft, becoming inspired by their work!  One of my most recent meanderings on Etsy lead me to a wonderful shop by Suegray Fitzpatrick called Suegray Jewelry.  The reason Suegray's shop jumped off the monitor at me was because of this beautiful pendant that she creates and sells on her shop:

Suegray creates the most magnificent hand-made jewelry out of fine silver using her personal collection of unique and amazing antique wax seals.  This particular pendant of a greyhound running with a letter in it's mouth also has a wonderful french proverb above, "je suis presse" which translates as, "I am pressed (for time)" or "I am in a hurry".  She does call out that the words are so, so small that they are very hard to read on the pendant (even with a magnifying glass), but you can make out most of it in the image above.  She creates each pendant by hand-stamping the antique french seal into fine silver- the result is this amazing seal that conveys so much old world charm!

This second greyhound charm also caught my eye and also evoked a very emotional response as I read the description.  This "wax seal" pendant has a wonderfully faithful greyhound sitting next to a monument with the phrase "le temps passe l'amitie reste" written around the edges in very tiny letters.  The translation is, "the time passes...the friendship remains".

In Suegray's photos, you can see some of the small, interchangeable seals that she uses to mold the silver into her beautiful pendants.  Here's a better look at the actual antique tools she uses to create them:

As you can see, a variety of pendants are available, not just greyhound ones!  Some of my other favorites are:

(no real story here, just a pointer- beautiful!)

This phrase on the below pocket watch pendant translates as, "calm when agitated on the inside" or "calm when inwardly agitated"...but Suegray has a beautiful (and trendy!) translation of, "keep calm and carry on"!

And, lastly, this ever so true "c'est la vie" pendant of a small, single-masted sail boat traversing the rocky sea!  "Such is life"!

So, how can you buy Suegray's amazing pendants (and other fine jewelry!)?
  • You can shop on her Etsy store, suegrayjewelry, or you can shop from her personal website, suegray seaglass jewelry.  All of her pendants at either shop are about $40 before tax & shipping!
  • If you are in the Rhode Island or Massachusetts area, you can find her in-person at the following events:
    • The 36th Annual Harvest Fair (10/2 & 10/3, 10am-5pm, Middletown, RI)
    • The North American Seaglass Festival (10/9 & 10/10, 10am-5pm, Hyannis, MA)
    • The 19th Annual Cornucopia Sale at the Pennfield School (11/13, 9am-4pm, Portsmouth, RI)
Please note: All photos are the property of Suegray Fitzpatrick of Suegray Jewelry.

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