Sunday, May 1, 2011

New "Dressed to the (K)Nines" Accessory collection items added to Etsy!

I'm so excited to present the newest additions to our Dressed to the (K)Nines Accessory collection!  Three new collar/hair clips were just added to the shop- two are Feathers & Flower Clips and one is a one of a kind Vintage-Style Lace Clip!

Let's start with the Vintage-Style Lace Clip / Fascinator- it's my favorite item in the shop!  It is crafted from a teardrop shaped base of soft white lace.  Accenting the lace are hand-selected vintage and new buttons in coral, pearl, gold and a tiny hint of blue.  A small, hand-crafted raw silk flower in ivory is nestled amongst the buttons.  Pricing for this item reflects the uniqueness of the clip/fascinator and the one of a kind vintage accents in addition to being 100% hand-crafted.

Next up, two Feathers & Flower Clips / Fascinators that are also perfect for dressing up an every-day dog collar, to add a splash of fun for special events, or to borrow from your pup to adorn your own hair (the type of clip used makes it very versatile!).

The first Feathers & Flower Clip in Black & White features a hand-crafted flower of layered Black Tulle and Ivory Tully with fine Black Polka-Dots. A stream of white feathers adds to the fullness and fun of the clip!  Feathers, flower and clip are attached to a white felt backing and measures approximately 8 1/2".

The second Feathers & Flower Clip in Purple and Black features a lovely flower is handmade by layering Black Tulle. A stream of purple feathers is the base of this fun and fabulous fascinator/clip!  Feathers, flower and clip are attached to a black felt backing and measures approximately 8 1/2".

I hope you all enjoy the clips as much as I did making them!  I think they are fun and flirty- ready for your hound (or you!) to wear in style!

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