Monday, December 6, 2010

Enamored by ElleJW

I am absolutely in love with the work of ElleJW of Almost an Angel 66!  I've been a long time admirer, and I posted about her work as the very first Featured Friday on the blog.  The past few days, I have been "ooohing" and "aaaahing" over two prints that I newly noticed (not sure if they are new, or just new to me!).  It sure would be nice if Santa brought me the pair for Christmas this year!!

This first print is titled "A Little Whisper" - I love the bunny ears (as we call our pup Ana's ears since they stick straight up in the air when she's listening for/to something).  I love the expression on her face- intent, listening...mouth slightly agape like there is a treat just out of view!

The second print is titled "Eventually" and features two black greyhounds looking just as intently off the page as the pup above!  I love this one because it is such a perfect mirror of my two, Ana and Blue!

Don't you think these 5x7" prints would be the perfect compliment to the ElleJW print we currently own (it's 14x10")?  Here's a tiny picture of it (I don't think she's selling prints of it anymore because I can't find it listed anywhere online!).

**Please note, the photos on this post are the sole ownership of ElleJW of Almost an Angel 66.  Source an be found here.

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